Staff and payroll services

Our offer also includes staff and payroll services.

We serve the following staff services:

  • Comprehensive maintenance of staff documentation incl. personal records of employees
  • kompleksowe prowadzenie dokumentacji kadrowej – akt osobowych pracowników (in accordance with the labour code),
  • preparation of employment contracts,
  • registration of employees and their family members in ZUS (Social Insurance Institution)
  • recordkeeping of the necessary prophylactic medical examinations of employees and supervision of their recency, issuing of appropriate referrals
  • recordkeeping of employee’s due leaves and keeping track of employee holidays, personal, maternal, parental and medical leaves and absences.
  • preparation of various certificates and references
  • conducting of mandatory health and safety trainings

Within the payroll service we offer the following features:

  • calculating employee’s salaries, including bonuses and deductions in accordance with the agreements, rules of law, workplace regulations and salary structures.
  • preparation of payrolls
  • preparation of wire transfers and transferring the salaries to the appropriate bank accounts of the employees.
  • preparing RMUA report-call documents of insured persons
  • issuing income statements
  • preparation of monthly declarations: ZUS DRA, ZUS RCX, ZUS RSA, ZUS RZA
  • preparation of monthly tax declarations, preparation and transferring fees to ZUS (Social Insurance) and US (Tax Office), preparing yearly income statements: PIT-11, PIT-8B, PIT-40.