Online registration of companies – 24h

Selected commercial law companies such as general partnership, limited partnership, limited liability company can be created and registered online, i.e. in the S24 mode.


  • no notary costs
  • low costs of legal fees
  • time savings
  • assistance of qualified specialists

Within the confines of this procedure, the agreement of incorporation is created by utilising of the agreement template published by the Ministry of Justice. The same principle has been applied to the remaining documents required for the company registration.

General partnership Limited partnership Limited liability company
TAXATIONtax on the partners *tax on the partners *tax on the company **
FULL ACCOUNTANCYOnly after exceeding a thresholdobligatoryobligatory
Select Select Select

The agreement of incorporation is a standard agreement as the liberty of deciding the agreement’s contents is not as high as with a traditional agreements prepared by the notary. However, the benefits from the solution proposed by the s24 mode registration are so significant that they constitute a perfect solution for the clients without the need of creating complicated legal constructions.

Worth knowing:

Registration of companies requires getting through a whole legal process. Our specialists will ensure your comprehensive support in this regard. However, they will need the following information from the client:

  • name of the company,
  • company residence and address,
  • subject of company’s activity,
  • amount of nominal capital,
  • personal details of the partners,
  • personal details of the board members.

Legal address of the company

The legal address of the company can be registered in our office located in the center of Warsaw. Our offer is directed to the Polish and foreign companies focused on conducting business on the highest level without incurring high costs of office maintenance under a prestigious address in Warsaw.