Audit Services

In close cooperation with a subject authorized to the research, listed on the list of subjects authorized to examine financial statements, conducted by the National Council of Assessors, we offer studies and reviews of financial statements prepared in accordance with the Accounting Act, IAS (International Accounting Standards) & IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards), as well as American standards (US GAAP).

  • study of yearly unitary financial statements
  • study of consolidated financial statements of capital groups
  • review of mid-yearly financial statements
  • study and review of consolidation packages
  • audit of EU projects and programmes
  • audit of projects financed from public funds
  • study of mergers and transitions of companies
  • realisation of selected audit procedures, agreed with the Client
  • audit of company’s IT environment (incl. regarding compliance of IT systems with the Accounting Act and Data Protection Act
  • verification of correct implementation of new accounting systems and data migration