Property valuation

S24 offers opinions on market value and just value of properties of all kinds for the purposes of concluding transactions and resulting from statutory requirements. We are particularly specialised in assessments of commercial real estate (business premises, retail parks, hotels, offices).

Range of services:

  • We perform evaluations of the following types of properties: business properties, developed and undeveloped properties,
  • We evaluate the properties as a subjects of ownership, perpetual usufruct, limited property right, usage and easement (of ground, personal, passive, active and of transmission), mortgage, permanent management, investment bond rights (rent, landholding, leasing, time sharing and others)
  • We make evaluations for a broad range of purposes, i.e.:
    • purchase and sale of properties
    • securing the liabilities of the lenders with a property mortgage
    • court and prosecution proceedings,
    • enforcement proceedings,
    • arrangement and bankruptcy proceedings,
    • financial reporting,
    • restructuring of enterprises (mergers, acquiring capital shares, etc.),
    • contribution in kind
  • Territorial range of services: industrial properties, we evaluate properties belonging to enterprises all over the country