Co-working constitutes a perfect alternative for anyone in need of access to a professional office space with minimal level of own costs. It is an optimal solution for freelancers and small companies. Work within co-working offices encourages new relationships and cooperation, exchange of experiences, increasing the effectiveness of work and separation of private and working life.

Co-working offices are also a perfect solution for the companies looking to cooperate with the clients from other cities, without their own local branches.

Many entrepreneurs using shared office areas praise working with other inspiring people and the possibility of creating interdisciplinary teams, depending on the needs.

On the map of Warsaw such increasingly more such places arise. While choosing the adequate location of the company, it is important to consider many factors. The first one is whether the place actually meets the specific needs of the company, especially within the industry the company represents. What is even more important, is the appropriate functioning of technical installations and of all devices with the office area. The last, equally relevant aspect by choosing a co-working office is its location, which should be in a place easily accessible by public transport.

For example, the utilities included in the common areas are:

  • desks, lamps, comfortable armchairs,
  • quick wireless internet, access to high quality office appliances such as scanner, printer, photocopier, projector,
  • professional reception service,
  • drinks: coffee, tea
  • the possibility to lease a conference room