Traditional registration of companies

Setting up a company in accordance with bill 163 of Commercial Companies Code requires concluding an agreement of incorporation or preparing the articles of association by at least one of its founders, depositing the full nominal capital by the partners, which in accordance with bill 154 art. 1 of Commercial Companies Code must amount to 5000 PLN.

Moreover, there is a requirement of setting up a management board and a supervisory board or audit committee, as well as of registering the company in the registry of entrepreneurs.

To meet the goal of an efficiently and securely functioning of the company and to achieve order necessary for quick and effective decision-making, it is necessary to build the corporate governance and to establish the necessary internal organisational structure. At the same time, it is important to remember about the necessity of ensuring that the proper security, prevention and risk mitigation mechanisms related to the division of competences within the company are in place.

ProductSecurity of the partnersTaxationFlexibility of profit withdrawalFull accountancy
General parnershiptax on the partners*very highOnly after exceeding a threshold
Limited partnership tax on the partners*very highobligatory
Limited joint-stock partnershiptax on the company**averageobligatory
Limited liability companytax on the company**highobligatory
Stock companytax on the company**averageobligatory

Registration of the company in the traditional mode, i.e. by the means of notary allows for adjustment of the agreement of incorporation to the needs and expectations of the entrepreneur.

The new order allows prevention of negative legal consequences of undertaking the uncoordinated decisions. It allows for execution of responsibilities from the persons holding the appropriate functions within the company. Thanks to the appropriate corporate governance and structure it is possible to ensure the correct functioning of the enterprise as well as development of staff.

Lengthy experience of our specialists allows us to introduce the corporate governance tailored to the size and needs of the company. All that thanks to the research of its characteristics, needs and goals, as well as to the dialogue of all interested parties.

Worth knowing:

Registration of companies requires getting through a whole legal process. Our specialists will ensure your comprehensive support in this regard. However, they will need the following information from the client:

  • name of the company,
  • company residence and address,
  • subject of company’s activity,
  • amount of nominal capital,
  • personal details of the partners,
  • personal details of the board members.

Legal address of the company

The legal address of the company can be registered in our office located in the center of Warsaw. Our offer is directed to the Polish and foreign companies focused on conducting business on the highest level without incurring high costs of office maintenance under a prestigious address in Warsaw.